I guess the fact that my favourite movies are romantic comedies defines me.



at my school, shooting 12 random objects.


I still kind of always freak out inside when I hear the receptionist at my school say "Artez, school for the arts". I mean, I used to literally dream about this, not considering that at some moment in time it might actually be my reality. It is right now though, I finally got where I always wanted myself to get. When I grow up I will be what I wanted it to be when I was young.
It just all seems sort of unreal. It practically always feels like I don't actually go there, but just travel several hours everyday to do an orientational course or something.
I think I need to wake up though. I need to realise that however I was dreaming a life when I was a kid I am now living that dream and I should take advantage of it. People may tell me I'm lazy or easy maybe, but in time I'll always be that girl that pursued her dream and got was she wanted. Can't argue with that, right?
Veni, vidi, vici.


I'm not a box.
There are more
than four sides to me.


Me, myself and I.

I need to be with only myself for a while. Just too bad that isn't really possible, since I still live at home and kind of don't have any other place to go and sleep. I do really feel like I should loosen up a bit and be on my own for some time. Lately I've been feeling like everybody around me has been shouting to me and the only way I can react to them is agitated. I honestly know they aren't shouting, and I am strongly convinced they all have my best interest at heart. But.. it's just that I can't have any of it anymore. I honestly want everyone to just shut up and leave me alone. I'm totally capable of solving my own problems. I'm 18, not an 8-year-old anymore, you know? You don't have to keep telling me what to do, like I wouldn't know things without it. Just don't tell me anything and I'll be perfectly able to handle things by myself from now on. If you would just let me try, you would see..




I honestly don' t know why, but I always tend to start wearing my dresses from when the temperature starts to decrease. When the rain starts to pour and the snow starts to whirl down you'll see me walking around in one of my shorter skirts. This while I hardly ever wear one in summer. It's just that when the temperature rises I reach for my shorts and a t-shirt any moment, but in winter-time I actually enjoy layering my dresses and skirts and create an outfit around them. The only real problem is that I always tend to draw my jackets and shawls and stuff into my outfit. That means that I don't want to take them of because then my outfit wouldn't be complete anymore. Maybe I should mix them up between seasons a little bit more..


Longtime friends.

There are friends to whome being yourself, whoever that may be, will do. Because they know who that person is and will not think it's strange when you may not act or look like that person for a moment. They know it's the moment and not you that changed things. To those people you don't have to be special, because you're already someone special to them, even when you're completely ordinary. Just doing nothing sometimes means even more to them than when you spend all your money on a fancy diner. Those friends are the best, because even when they haven't spoken to you for a month, it'll be just as nice to see each other as it was before. With these kinds of friends there is no awkwardness, nor will there ever be.



Sooo, last few weeks I've been sort of blogging offline. It's like keeping a diary, but I'm keeping it more general. I'm also keeping lists of what I like and dislike, and of what I would like to do/have/go to or anything. I thought I'd share a few thoughts..

I like:
- my birthday (in a somehow childish way)
- dressing up
- orchids

I dislike:
- people who see honesty as an excuse to be rude
- people who act like their life is a tragedy
- people who judge a book by its cover

Sometimes I think our problems aren't the real problem, but the way we deal with them. Not that I will compare cancer with the flu, or an act of terrorism with being stung by a bee, but often the people who suffer from these big disasters happen to be the biggest survivors. Although their problems seem to be the heaviest, they have learned by experience how to make their problems fit in their hands. All this while the people without any actual problem whatsoever seem to be the bigger complainers. They have never experienced a genuine problem and therefore do not know how to handle them. Since they don't know how to deal with their problems, they will tell everyone about them in the hopes of finding someone who does know who to handle them. Once they find such a person, they will never let that person go, or anyway not before their little problem is solved..

- problems


Yesterday I made a compilation video of some videos that I've taken over the years with my old compact camera. Quality kind of sucks, but never mind.


I've been taking pictures with my mobile phone the past time, and surprisingly they seem to be the best to make pictures right before I go to sleep. Which is usually the time I feel like trying on some outfits. Soo..


some old outfits.

edit: I look really fat on the first one. Not so flattering.



I like Caro Emerald. She knows how to do the red lips and the dark hair, without looking pale or losing elegance. Besides, she's a hell of a singer.



LongBlackDress, originally uploaded by Kelly van den Bosch.

Bought this long black dress a few days ago. Want to wear it, but think heals make it to chic and I want to keep it a bit casual, since it's already a 'long black dress'. When I don't wear heals with it though it's too long, need to figure the thing out sometime.


I bought this long dress from H&M wednesday. Ended up with a size 6 eventually, while I normally wear like size 8 or something.It's just that I tried it on the day before in a size 8 and thought it didn't fit really well,so gave up on the dress. Because due to the long queues in front of the fitting rooms I didn't feel like getting a different size. When I went back a day later by coincidence me and a friend found ourselves in front of an almost empty H&M-store 15 min. before closing time. There were no queues whatsoever and everything was neat and organised which is quite unique.. It was simply heaven. So I grabbed a size 6 of the shelves, tried it on and it turned out to fit sooo much better than the size 8 I tried on earlier, so I went ahead and bought it anyway. Mission accomplished!
The picture doesn't show the dress that good I guess, with some heals/slippers and a denim jacket I think it's great!=)


This is part of what I wore yesterday. Including my new sunnies from H&M, which I thought were 6 bucks, but turned out to be 3.
The other things you see on the picture are a hat (H&M - borrowed it from my sister) a shawl (don't know where it's from) and a denim jacket (borrowed it from my other sister). You must think they're very generous, but they're not. I just get their clothes out of their closets :).

Picture my friend Wei-Wei made of me on Bevrijdingsfestival in Den Bosch yesterday. Hat is an old one, borrowing from my little sister. It's from H&M actually.
Getting a hat-fase I guess, starting to like them very much!:)

Kinda typical by the way, a picture of me in a H&M-shop. Almost every item I own is bought there, I guess.


At a certain moment it just hit me: the knowledge that only when I would not or barely care about what other people think about what I wear, I would look the best.

It’s just that some people seem to think that I wear the things I wear to be different from all the others, but nothing could be more wrong. I just wear what I think is nice, and if people tend to think that’s different, that would be their problem. I personally don’t think I dress that differently. In my opinion everyone wears what they think suits them the best, therefore I am no exception.

Maybe I have a different taste than a lot of people, maybe I just know what I want, maybe other people want the same thing, but just do not dare to wear what they want. If you’re one of those people that do not wear what they want, because you are afraid, then that’s just a lack of guts.

Please assume this to be true: Having on the right clothes, the ones you choose to be your look for a day, does not require confidence, it is acquired by it.


I have a confession to make.
I am in love..
the new Zara TRF collection is
almost to hard to say no to.



outfit pictures.

http://widget-a7.slide.com/widgets/slideticker.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" scale="noscale" salign="l" wmode="transparent" flashvars="cy=bb&il=1&channel=2882303761548104615&site=widget-a7.slide.com" style="width:400px;height:200px" name="flashticker" align="middle">

some outfit pictures I've taken over time. Most of the pictures aren't great, had to fix them later and that didn't work out well.


This is an old one. Didn't wear it in ages. Thinking about wearing it again.



O my God, I guess I'm going have to marry a very rich man. He can buy me these two Carolina Herrera dresses. I am absolutely craving them! If anybody tends to feel generous?
Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2010Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2010


Fake uggs.

Bought a new pair of new boots at Invito yesterday. I had only an hour to shop, because I was actually going somewhere else, but I had already seen them on the Internet and thought they looked cool.
Unless I never buy this sort of shoes, I wanted to try them on and eventually bought them.=)
Now I have them, I like them very much. They make a lot of outfits so much nicer.


Free time.

I got free time on my hands, because of a lack of classes.



spring 2010 rtw, Victor & Rolf

I am absolutely fond of the latest spring-collection by Victor and Rolf. Especially the big, stuffed dress with the gap in it on the upper picture is fabulous.
I find it's just the ideal combination of soft fabric and hard lines, and I think the ruffles and fabric are amazing!


If you're looking for..


Sorry for the not so charming pictures. Experimented with the self-timer on my camera, but it doesn't look any better than some earlier pictures. Guess I'll return to my old way again.
By the way, now I'm keeping up with my outfits I can't help noticing I buy lots and lots of clothes at H&M. The shop isn't that bad or anything, just thinking about needing some change. Hmm..
dress worn as skirt H&M
jersey H&M
blazer H&M (bought it for 9€ in sale.)
belt -little unknown shop somewhere in 's-Hertogenbosch; starting to fall apart-
shoes 2Bizzy


When I wore this outfit my little niece asked me if I went to France. When I asked why, she told me my shirt looked French.
shirt H&M
skirt H&M
hosiery H&M
shoes 2Bizzy