I took these shots for a school assignment and I really lovelovelove how they turned out. They are actually all SOOC and made with colour filters on the lights and stuff.
I am so happy with them. =)


New things

Yesterday I went thrift shopping with my mum and sister. We bought some really awesome stuff and everything together only cost us 7.50. I really like the blue jacket on the lower picture. It looks like something a stewardess would wear and it even came with a skirt, like some sort of suit or something.

The same day we also bought some leather at an upholsterer and my mum is making a leather bag and a laptopcase out of it. At the thrift store we bought some scarves to use as lining for the bags, so even the inside will be pretty.


Visit hm.com

Right after I finish this school year I'm gonna buy myself a really pretty dress. And this one has a really big chance of being mine in the future.


I took this picture for my photography class. A summer portrait, but with a twist.



Oh my God, I just bought a perfect blazer.


vintage sunnies

I bought these sunglasses about a week ago in a vintage shop in Arnhem, the city where I live. I've worn them every day since then, I really like them. =)




I saw t-shirts like this on the internet and thought they looked soooo damn cool, I just had to try and make my own one!


New room

Yesterday I finally got myself my own room. It will be officially mine from the first of April.
Today I went to a second-handstore and bought this amazing old stuff. Actually my parents did, since they agreed to pay for it. I got a couch of which I can't believe no-one bought it, because I thought it was sooo pretty. It's this little cute of-white couch completely filled with big, pink flowers (okay, maybe I do know why no-one bought it).
I also bought this supernice cabinet of very dark wood. You're supposed to put a TV in it, but I'm gonna (let my dad) put in a shelf, so I can put all my stuff for school in there.
Now all I need is a bed and a rack to put all of my clothes on, since my grandparents already had a (apparently very nice) table reserved for me, so that's taken care of. My bed is gonna be completely plain, I want it to be just white or made of uncoated wood. Anyway, just really plain, so it doesn't get that much attention. And then I'll buy a bedspread so cute, it'll make up for the plain-part.
It's all gonna be supercute and in a strange way really fashionable.

After visiting the second-handstore, I only wanna go back really badly. They have all this really cool stuff there, I liked just walking around. Old stuff just has so much more of a story and charisma than this modern stuff (however that can pretty nice too). And next to that it's really really cheap too. I spend 40€ today and with that I bought the couch and the cabinet and when I asked for the price of a bracelet I ended up getting it too for free! =) And next to furniture they also have a lot of second-hand clothes out there, which are actually pretty damn cool. All these supercool skirts and blazers and stuff, all for just a few euros and most of it in really good state.
I wanna go back. That store and every other second-handshop nearby are going be my favourite hang-out from now on. =)


Roxy Qwerinto.: H&M Look Book: Womenswear SS2011

Roxy Qwerinto.: H&M Look Book: Womenswear SS2011

Ooooh I would wear really eeeeeeverything. I love how that white maxi is cut out and draped in the back. I really love this! Good job H&M..


combination of factors.

sometimes I feel like I’m flying,
sometimes I feel like I float.
soms voel ik me heel erg klein worden,
en soms ook heel erg groot.


als alles po√ętisch wordt.

En liefkozend, doch niet zonder enig gevoel van aarzeling,
strijkt zij over zijn kalende hoofd.
"Sorry," zegt hij,
'dwaas' was niet het woord dat ik zocht.



somehow this track makes me wanna dance my but off.



I feel like I'm beaten up from the inside.