New room

Yesterday I finally got myself my own room. It will be officially mine from the first of April.
Today I went to a second-handstore and bought this amazing old stuff. Actually my parents did, since they agreed to pay for it. I got a couch of which I can't believe no-one bought it, because I thought it was sooo pretty. It's this little cute of-white couch completely filled with big, pink flowers (okay, maybe I do know why no-one bought it).
I also bought this supernice cabinet of very dark wood. You're supposed to put a TV in it, but I'm gonna (let my dad) put in a shelf, so I can put all my stuff for school in there.
Now all I need is a bed and a rack to put all of my clothes on, since my grandparents already had a (apparently very nice) table reserved for me, so that's taken care of. My bed is gonna be completely plain, I want it to be just white or made of uncoated wood. Anyway, just really plain, so it doesn't get that much attention. And then I'll buy a bedspread so cute, it'll make up for the plain-part.
It's all gonna be supercute and in a strange way really fashionable.

After visiting the second-handstore, I only wanna go back really badly. They have all this really cool stuff there, I liked just walking around. Old stuff just has so much more of a story and charisma than this modern stuff (however that can pretty nice too). And next to that it's really really cheap too. I spend 40€ today and with that I bought the couch and the cabinet and when I asked for the price of a bracelet I ended up getting it too for free! =) And next to furniture they also have a lot of second-hand clothes out there, which are actually pretty damn cool. All these supercool skirts and blazers and stuff, all for just a few euros and most of it in really good state.
I wanna go back. That store and every other second-handshop nearby are going be my favourite hang-out from now on. =)