I'm not a box.
There are more
than four sides to me.


Me, myself and I.

I need to be with only myself for a while. Just too bad that isn't really possible, since I still live at home and kind of don't have any other place to go and sleep. I do really feel like I should loosen up a bit and be on my own for some time. Lately I've been feeling like everybody around me has been shouting to me and the only way I can react to them is agitated. I honestly know they aren't shouting, and I am strongly convinced they all have my best interest at heart. But.. it's just that I can't have any of it anymore. I honestly want everyone to just shut up and leave me alone. I'm totally capable of solving my own problems. I'm 18, not an 8-year-old anymore, you know? You don't have to keep telling me what to do, like I wouldn't know things without it. Just don't tell me anything and I'll be perfectly able to handle things by myself from now on. If you would just let me try, you would see..