Free time.

I got free time on my hands, because of a lack of classes.



spring 2010 rtw, Victor & Rolf

I am absolutely fond of the latest spring-collection by Victor and Rolf. Especially the big, stuffed dress with the gap in it on the upper picture is fabulous.
I find it's just the ideal combination of soft fabric and hard lines, and I think the ruffles and fabric are amazing!


If you're looking for..


Sorry for the not so charming pictures. Experimented with the self-timer on my camera, but it doesn't look any better than some earlier pictures. Guess I'll return to my old way again.
By the way, now I'm keeping up with my outfits I can't help noticing I buy lots and lots of clothes at H&M. The shop isn't that bad or anything, just thinking about needing some change. Hmm..
dress worn as skirt H&M
jersey H&M
blazer H&M (bought it for 9€ in sale.)
belt -little unknown shop somewhere in 's-Hertogenbosch; starting to fall apart-
shoes 2Bizzy


When I wore this outfit my little niece asked me if I went to France. When I asked why, she told me my shirt looked French.
shirt H&M
skirt H&M
hosiery H&M
shoes 2Bizzy