Sooo, last few weeks I've been sort of blogging offline. It's like keeping a diary, but I'm keeping it more general. I'm also keeping lists of what I like and dislike, and of what I would like to do/have/go to or anything. I thought I'd share a few thoughts..

I like:
- my birthday (in a somehow childish way)
- dressing up
- orchids

I dislike:
- people who see honesty as an excuse to be rude
- people who act like their life is a tragedy
- people who judge a book by its cover

Sometimes I think our problems aren't the real problem, but the way we deal with them. Not that I will compare cancer with the flu, or an act of terrorism with being stung by a bee, but often the people who suffer from these big disasters happen to be the biggest survivors. Although their problems seem to be the heaviest, they have learned by experience how to make their problems fit in their hands. All this while the people without any actual problem whatsoever seem to be the bigger complainers. They have never experienced a genuine problem and therefore do not know how to handle them. Since they don't know how to deal with their problems, they will tell everyone about them in the hopes of finding someone who does know who to handle them. Once they find such a person, they will never let that person go, or anyway not before their little problem is solved..

- problems


Yesterday I made a compilation video of some videos that I've taken over the years with my old compact camera. Quality kind of sucks, but never mind.


I've been taking pictures with my mobile phone the past time, and surprisingly they seem to be the best to make pictures right before I go to sleep. Which is usually the time I feel like trying on some outfits. Soo..