At a certain moment it just hit me: the knowledge that only when I would not or barely care about what other people think about what I wear, I would look the best.

It’s just that some people seem to think that I wear the things I wear to be different from all the others, but nothing could be more wrong. I just wear what I think is nice, and if people tend to think that’s different, that would be their problem. I personally don’t think I dress that differently. In my opinion everyone wears what they think suits them the best, therefore I am no exception.

Maybe I have a different taste than a lot of people, maybe I just know what I want, maybe other people want the same thing, but just do not dare to wear what they want. If you’re one of those people that do not wear what they want, because you are afraid, then that’s just a lack of guts.

Please assume this to be true: Having on the right clothes, the ones you choose to be your look for a day, does not require confidence, it is acquired by it.

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