I still kind of always freak out inside when I hear the receptionist at my school say "Artez, school for the arts". I mean, I used to literally dream about this, not considering that at some moment in time it might actually be my reality. It is right now though, I finally got where I always wanted myself to get. When I grow up I will be what I wanted it to be when I was young.
It just all seems sort of unreal. It practically always feels like I don't actually go there, but just travel several hours everyday to do an orientational course or something.
I think I need to wake up though. I need to realise that however I was dreaming a life when I was a kid I am now living that dream and I should take advantage of it. People may tell me I'm lazy or easy maybe, but in time I'll always be that girl that pursued her dream and got was she wanted. Can't argue with that, right?
Veni, vidi, vici.

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