I bought this long dress from H&M wednesday. Ended up with a size 6 eventually, while I normally wear like size 8 or something.It's just that I tried it on the day before in a size 8 and thought it didn't fit really well,so gave up on the dress. Because due to the long queues in front of the fitting rooms I didn't feel like getting a different size. When I went back a day later by coincidence me and a friend found ourselves in front of an almost empty H&M-store 15 min. before closing time. There were no queues whatsoever and everything was neat and organised which is quite unique.. It was simply heaven. So I grabbed a size 6 of the shelves, tried it on and it turned out to fit sooo much better than the size 8 I tried on earlier, so I went ahead and bought it anyway. Mission accomplished!
The picture doesn't show the dress that good I guess, with some heals/slippers and a denim jacket I think it's great!=)

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